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  • Case Study-Medicine

    Topic: Stereoscopic Three-Dimensional X-ray Reconstruction Processing and its Application to Cancer Prevention Researcher: David Yue, 14 years old, from Plano, Texas, USA. Project Background: Computerized tomography (CT) scans provide criti...

  • Case Study-Health

    Topic: The Effect of Third Hand Cigarette Smoke on the Geotaxis and Oviposition in Drosophila melanogaster Researcher: Sriyaa Suresh, 13 years old, from Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA Project Background: Foul odors linger even after someone h...

  • Case Study-Marine Science

    Topic: Whats In Your Water? The Answer May Be Heavier than You Think! Researcher: Nikolai Ortiz, 12 years old, from Corpus Christi, Texas, USA Project Background: Texas waterways were the fourth most polluted in the nation, according to a 2...

  • Case Study-Human Engineering

    Topic: Effective Headgear in Soccer Researcher:Naya Menezes, 14 years old, from San Diego, California, USA Project Background: I enjoy playing soccer because it is a fun, high intensity sport that involves both smarts and athletic ability,...

  • Case Study-Chemistry

    Topic: A New, Better, and Economic Method to Measure and Extract Caffeine from Drinks Researcher: Maximilian Du, 13 years old, Manlius, New York, USA. Project Background: One cup of caffeinated coffee can keep some people awake at night. Ye...

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